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Fwd: UPDATE: Bill C-377


From: IAFF Canada Date: Friday, June 26, 2015 Subject: UPDATE: Bill C-377 To:


Please see message below from the CLC.

The IAFF Canadian Office

From: Hassan Yussuff [] Sent: June-26-15 4:14 PM To: Marks, Scott Subject: UPDATE: Bill C-377

[image: Canadian Labour Congress Logo.]

(French will follow)

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council


Yesterday, the Alberta government declared its opposition to Bill C-377. That means seven provinces, representing 81% of the population, officially oppose this Bill.

Despite this overwhelming opposition, the Conservative government in the Senate, acting on direct orders from the prime minister’s office, moved a motion yesterday to re-write the rules of the Senate and force the Bill into law.

Today, the Speaker of the Senate ruled against the Conservative government’s motion. He declared that the government is not allowed to re-write the rules and rig the game just to get their way.

However, the Conservative government challenged the Speaker’s ruling, forced a vote, and used their majority to overrule the Speaker and his decision.

The Senate has adjourned for today. It will reconvene on Monday, June 29th at 2:00 pm and the debate and votes will resume on the outstanding motions and amendments related to Bill C-377.

Please urge our members to continue to pressure Conservative senators to vote against the Bill on Monday. Be sure, however, to highlight how hard Liberal Senator Cowan and his colleagues have worked to defeat this Bill. You may want to write to thank them.

To date, this story hasn’t resonated enough with the public, but I believe that Harper has handed us an opportunity to change this.

I urge you to use this opportunity to talk to Canadians and our members about how the prime minister has usurped democracy, rigging the rules to get his way. Please also use this as an opportunity to talk about how unions aren’t the only ones affected by this Bill. This red tape Bill is going to hurt unions, businesses and taxpayers, which is why we haven’t been alone in opposing it.

It has been opposed by everyone from the NHL Players Association to Conservative and Liberal senators, constitutional experts, Canada’s privacy commissioner, the Canadian Bar Association, the insurance and mutual fund industry, seven provinces, and a long and diverse list of others in the business, financial, professional, legal, labour, and academic communities, private and public, federal and provincial.

In solidarity,

for Hassan Yussuff, President


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